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Maths is a compulsory subject in a child’s school life from the first day in a classroom to GCSE level. However, many fall by the wayside when it comes to this subject and struggle throughout their school years and beyond. Many of these students have failed to grasp the basics needed to lay down a strong foundation on which to build a solid maths structure.

A classroom teacher does not have the time to individually support these pupils therefore this is where a maths tutor may be brought in to provide the time, dedication and support to help students that have become overwhelmed and lost in the system to build their confidence to progress to the next level whether it be basic tests, Sats or GCSEs. By providing the encouragement and motivation to these pupils the tutor can help the student achieve understanding and consequently higher pass marks in tests and exams.

Maths is all around us in everything we do. It is the base on which we build, including everything from medical scans, engineering, architecture to the smaller everyday tasks of buying a simple meal or the weekly shop.

The inability to understand numbers and how they work leaves us at a disadvantage throughout life leading to the lack of employment, lower wages and social issues. Decisions in life are often based upon numerical information. To make the best choices in life we need to be numerate.

  • Design individual learning programmes for your child, focusing on their specific weakness/targets
  • The commencement, development of learning numbers/use of numbers


Yrs 1-2


Years 3-6

All curriculum requirements to achieve targets at the end of KS1 / KS2

  • Sats preparation for yr 6 / building confidence to approach
  • Paper 1 arithmetic

Maths private tutoring prices

KS 1 – KS 3 £22 per hour

GCSE  £23 per hour

Additional travel expense where applicable

We are from India originally, we found Pat to be an efficient and kind patient lady, who helped our son obtain his sats to an acceptable level, as previously he was very backward in learning. We can recommend her, no problem.

AK (Mansfield)

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