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English has an important place in education and society. The aim of English in education is to teach fluency in speaking and writing so ideas and emotions can be communicated to others. On acquiring these skills a child is able to develop culturally, intellectually and socially and participate fully and confidently as a member of society.

Many children fail to grasp the basics of this subject thereby struggling to communicate feelings, ideas and emotions to others. In these cases, a tutor is able to help address the problems that are proving a barrier to development by providing the time, support and encouragement needed to promote a love of the English language throughout the educational system and beyond.


English literacy is an important part of any child’s learning, it is a cornerstone subject and one that is built up over time.

Literacy is essential to developing as a person. Communication with others and the outside world is based upon the ability to read/write and speak, therefore the re-enforcement of strong reading/writing/communication skills as a child is essential for better performance in school through to promoting a healthier self image as an adult. Lacking in literacy skills holds a person back in every stage of their lives.

  • Help to build a foundation in literacy covering the core skills to achieve personal / curriculum targets.
  • ‘Tailored’ Lessons according to individual requirements.


Reception / KS1

  • Phonics vocabulary building
  • Reading, Writing, Comprehension
  • Grammar, Punctuation


All curriculum requirements including

  • Reading fluency
  • vocabulary
  • Writing competency
  • Sats preparation


All curriculum requirements including preparation towards year 10/11


Exam preparation

English private tutoring prices

KS 1 – KS 3 £22 per hour

GCSE  £23 per hour

Additional travel expense where applicable

Pat has been great! She has made a genuine difference to my daughter’s performance in English and provided just the right assistance for her. She was the perfect tutor for my daughter.

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